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6.5At the Edge of Russia

At the Edge of Russia

Alexei is a nineteen year old recruit being flown in to perform his military service on the frontier of northern Russia. The base is one of few such remaining outposts on the Arctic Ocean. There are five other seasoned and long serving soldiers stationed here, each with their own personal story or secret that has caused them to retreat from the real world. Their training and breaking in of the new arrival is sometimes humorous, at times harsh. Gradually, they each reveal something of ...

2010Adventure72 minPlay
4Viva Maria!

Viva Maria!

The great Polish opera diva Maria Foltyn created her greatest performance in Stanislaw Moniuszkos Halka, with which she toured worldwide - she was applauded by Stalin and admired by Castro. Today, when she is losing her voice, she has decided to give way to her successor. The film Viva Maria! is a tale of passion, sacrifice and devotion, and is an extraordinary story of passing down a voice.

2010Documentary17 minPlay
0The Peretzniks

The Peretzniks

Interviews with students of the post-war Jewish I.L. Perec school in Łódź, Poland, who were mostly scattered around the world after anti-Semitic purges in 1968.

2010Documentary52 minPlay
6.7Made in Poland

Made in Poland

20100 minPlay
6Grunwald: Walka 600-lecia

Grunwald: Walka 600-lecia

2010Animation0 minPlay
0Sherlock Holmes Baffled

Sherlock Holmes Baffled

20100 minPlay


Stop motion animation using jelly and stop-motion technique from Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi

2010Animation6 minPlay
0Cracow by Polanski

Cracow by Polanski

Roman Polanski lived in Cracow/Krakow during 1936-1955 - almost 20 years of his life. These years formed him to become one of the most popular film directors of the world. The title of the documentary refers to Roman Polanski's autobiography "Roman by Polanski". By the end of 1930's Cracow/Krakow 250 000 inhabitants, about 50 000 were Jews. It was one of the happiest time in young Roman's life. WWII made him leave the Cracow ghetto and he was hidden by a Polish family near the city. After ...

2010Documentary25 minPlay
8Korespondent Bryan

Korespondent Bryan

2010Documentary65 minPlay
7.8Mother Teresa of Cats

Mother Teresa of Cats

Based on a true story. Two brothers, Artur (22) and Marcin (12), murder their own mother. The film starts with the boys' arrest and then takes us through the last 12 months in a series of flashbacks.

2010Drama95 minPlay
1.5The Lost Town of Switez

The Lost Town of Switez

Based on the 19th-century epic poem by Poland's Adam Mickiewicz

2010Animation21 minPlay
5Wonderful Summer

Wonderful Summer

Kitka was just a little girl when she lost her mother. Now, in her late teens, she makes her first life choices. Her grandfather, her father and even her late mother are determined to help the adolescent girl. However, suffering from the family trauma and in constant conflict with each other, they themselves seem to need help. They do not make it any easier for Kitka so the girl decides to take matters into her own hands. She embarks on a series of funny adventures, meets a number of ...

2010Comedy92 minPlay


"Maska" is the latest animated film of Quay brothers, directors and puppet animators, with the music composed by Krzysztof Penderecki. The film is an adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s short story of the same title. The action of “Maska” is set in a technologically developed but, at the same time, feudal world. Beautiful Duenna was created in order to carry out certain mission. However, she will be forced to choose between accomplishing the task she was created for and love.

2010Animation23 minPlay
7Puppet Masters

Puppet Masters

Unfulfilled promises of politicians, victims of the system, backstage of election campaign.

2010Documentary98 minPlay


Lazowski, an expelled university student, investigates the supposed suicide of the famous artist Witkacy and tries to prove that the artist is in fact still alive.

2010Drama120 minPlay
4.3Milczenie jest złotem

Milczenie jest złotem

2010Comedy0 minPlay
7.1Animated History of Poland

Animated History of Poland

Polish history is filled to the brim with diversity, so the idea transforming it into a gripping tale was a very exciting challenge. We created an exciting trip back in time that takes you through 1000 years of history in about 8 minutes. We picked 140 events that feature 500 animated characters from different historical periods. The film was created to represent Poland at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

20108 minPlay
5.7The Rite of Passage

The Rite of Passage

A couple with two small children (Ludwik is fourteen and Hania is nine) travel from Lwow to a newly liberated Krakow. Ludwik attends a good school and quickly establish friendships. Before the 1946 June "3XTAK” referendum Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, leader of the PSL party, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, came to Krakow. During his visit Ludwig was involved in a street brawl and consequently, was arrested. In turbulent times in which Ludwik matures, things trivial and ...

2010Drama109 minPlay
7.1Trzy minuty 21:37

Trzy minuty 21:37

2010Drama0 minPlay
5.8Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs

A wealthy guy hires Oscar to cheer for his team which happens to be arch rival of the team he previously supported along with his brother. Oscar accepts the offer and fight kicks off between him and his brother along with other supporters. The fight costs a arm fracture for Oscar, wile his wife is leaving him because of his hooligan nature...

2010Comedy0 minPlay
4.2Holy Business

Holy Business

A movie about a couple of semi-estranged brothers who at first feel they've been screwed by their father having the gall to die, leaving the bulk of his estate to the church. Only to then learn that they've been willed a car that may have been owned by the pope.

2010Comedy0 minPlay
6.7Zwerbowana miłość

Zwerbowana miłość

A prostitute is enlisted into the Security Services in order to steal some highly classified records just as the communist regime is about to topple. What begins as political intrigue deftly turns into a complicated love affair.

2010Action118 minPlay
6.9The Christening

The Christening

Michal has what he always dreamed of: a beautiful wife named Magda, a newborn son, his own firm. He chooses an old friend, Janek, to be the godfather of his child. This is just the beginning of Michal's plan, who asks his friend to take an interest in his wife... At the beginning the plan works out, but it becomes increasingly difficult for Michal to come to terms with it. Michal knows his deeply hidden past will inevitably come back to him, and Janek will have to make a decision, of which ...

2010Drama86 minPlay
5.1War of Love

War of Love

Klara and Aniela are two young girls who decide not to get married. This decision makes bachelors even more eager to conquer them. Adaptation of the classic comedy by Aleksander Fredro.

2010Comedy96 minPlay