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The result of three years of production, more than 100 hours of filming, and interviews with people from 15 nationalities, Translatina paints an alarming portrait of the realities faced by transgender people in Latin America. Through a series of testimonies from civil society representatives and other stakeholders, this full-length documentary offers a realistic look at the challenges faced by transgender people in accessing education, work, justice, health care, and other services. It ...

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9Q’eros: Hombres de Altura

Q’eros: Hombres de Altura

They have the power of the Apus! They live at more than 16,000 fasml since centuries! But their culture is in danger by the mining.

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Malu and Manuel share a department in Miraflores, and they are very good friends. A passing comment opens an honest conversation and shows the versus of female and male sexuality. As a result, Manuel tries to convince Malu to have sex.

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4La Vigilia

La Vigilia

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4.5La Cantuta en la Boca del Diablo

La Cantuta en la Boca del Diablo

The documentary follows the steps of eminent journalist Edmundo Cruz of the investigation that he and other journalists conducted into the murder of the university professor and 9 students, arrested in 1992 during a military raid at the teacher training college of Enrique Guzmán y Valle, better known as "La Cantuta". The professor and students were never seen alive again. The remains of only five of the victims were ever found, among the barren hills on the road to Cieneguilla. The evidence ...

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4El Guachiman

El Guachiman

The story of Alex, a humble police watchman who decides to take control of his luck. After his girlfriends breaks up with him, he decides to steal $ 80,000 and lead a life full of adventures , fulfilling all of his desires.

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0Quiero saber

Quiero saber

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5.3Behind the Mirrors

Behind the Mirrors

The death of a woman complicates the underground business of a sleazy motel's janitor.

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4.1Freedom Force

Freedom Force

There is a plot under way to change the course of history. Four kids are chosen to be the Freedom Force—a gang of unlikely heroes who travel through time to change the outcome of sacred stories.

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0Quizás Mañana

Quizás Mañana

Juan Carlos and Natalia are two young adults who spend one particularly complicated day together. They meet a Saturday morning at a park in Magdalena del Mar and, without knowing each other, they decide to make each other company.

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0Desde el lado del corazón

Desde el lado del corazón

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0La Cuda, la otra cara de la muerte

La Cuda, la otra cara de la muerte

There is a legend told from time immemorial in the city of Chota about a spirit that takes the form of an extremely beautiful woman to kill men who are weak in soul. Raúl, Yovana and Antonio are three journalists who receive the mission of investigating this mythical character who is known as the Cuda. Ignorant of the danger and the consequences of their actions, they go to the countryside to obtain information about this legend without imagining that they would encounter the same death ...

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5.4The Gospel of the Flesh

The Gospel of the Flesh

Three lives in search of redemption intersect in the streets of Lima: undercover cop Gamarra’s desperate attempts to save his wife from a terminal illness gets him into trouble; bus driver Felix wants to be accepted into a religious sect after his involvement in a tragic traffic accident; and imperiled soccer club leader Narciso tries to secure his younger brother’s release from prison.

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4.8El mudo

El mudo

Among the hodge-podge of Peruvian government officials, there is a man named Constantino Zegarra. He doesn’t fit anywhere and looks down on his colleagues because he has never succumbed to an act of corruption and, every time he has had the opportunity to do so, he has made an effort to impede it. Over his two decades as a government official he has cultivated purity - the fuel for his soul. Now forty, this solitary soldier is a married man and father to a teenage girl who never stops ...

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7¡Asu Mare!

¡Asu Mare!

Follows the adventures of Carlos Alcántara on his way to fame from his childhood in the "Unidad Vecinal Mirones".

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6.6General Cemetery

General Cemetery

Set in Iquitos, the story follows Andrea (Airam Galliani), a 15-years-ago teenage girl, who suffers the death of his father. With the help of his friends from school, encourage her to contact him using the ouija. However, this triggers a series of terrifying events.

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0El zorro enamorado de la luna

El zorro enamorado de la luna

A fox enchanted with the beauty of the moon seeks to reach her, for this she asks her friends for help but none shows her the way until she finally receives a tip that can lead her to be with her forever.

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0Libertarian Andes: Anarchism in Peru

Libertarian Andes: Anarchism in Peru

A documentary about the history of Anarchism in Peru.

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0La curiosa vida de Piter Eustaquio Rengifo Uculmana

La curiosa vida de Piter Eustaquio Rengifo Uculmana

The random life and tragic death of Piter Eustaquio Rengifo Uculmana, reconstructed as a puzzle that gathers the acts, loves, crimes and sins of a man without more merit than that of bearing a name whose acrostic composes the word PERU.

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0An Odd Evening in April

An Odd Evening in April

It's story of Abril, a mysterious woman with a particular life-style that she stands in the way of Bruno, a Chilean young man who lives in Peru and he's passing through an existential crisis. Abril's philosophy impacts to Bruno. One day, he decides to leave everything, including his job and his girlfriend. Suddenly, Bruno tries to follow Abril's life-style, no suspecting the real reasons why she turns her back to the world.

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6The Womb

The Womb

2014Horror82 minPlay
8.5NN Sin Identidad

NN Sin Identidad

The remains of a male body that disappeared during the years of political violence have been exhumed, but nobody claims them. Now the only clue to his identify is the picture of a smiling girl found in his shirt pocket. Only a blurred photograph, a snapshot of a time and a memory…

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3.7Face of the Devil

Face of the Devil

Seven friends go on a remote jungle vacation where they are terrorized by a primeval spirit....

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