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6Dead Snow

Dead Snow

Eight medical students on a ski trip to Norway discover that Hitler's horrors live on when they come face to face with a battalion of zombie Nazi soldiers intent on devouring anyone unfortunate enough to wander into the remote mountains where they were once sent to die.

2009Comedy91 minPlay
6Account and guitar

Account and guitar

201010 minPlay
0Fem fatale

Fem fatale

Five men end up in fatal confrontations with their past, as their victims decide to take the law into their own hands in this low budget action comedy.

2010Action83 minPlay
0Kristian Valen – Raskere Enn Sitt Eget Beste

Kristian Valen – Raskere Enn Sitt Eget Beste

2010Comedy minPlay


2010Animation12 minPlay
0Maritime Kvinner

Maritime Kvinner

In this film, Hanne Krogh meets some of the women of the sea. From the Viking woman to the world's first and only submarine captain who is Norwegian.

2010Documentary49 minPlay
0Vamp In Symphony With The Norwegian Radio Orchestra II

Vamp In Symphony With The Norwegian Radio Orchestra II

Vamp and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra teams up with Eivór Pálsdóttir of the Faroe Islands to recreate and unite the magic of the 2 culture institutions created 5 years ago. 2 sold out shows created the perfect atmosphere for a live concert.

2010Music minPlay
0The beginning of no night

The beginning of no night

Two teenagers are on their way to their secret hiding spot, a bunker from World War II. The tension in the relationship between the two youths is increasing as they stumble across an old rifle.

2010Drama15 minPlay
0Brothers at War

Brothers at War

How much is a brother's life worth? Joining the Nazi party at the height of the Second World War? Or fighting for the German Army?

2010Documentary55 minPlay
0The Baker

The Baker

A lonely baker sits on a small island and bakes. No customers come ashore, so he has to eat everything himself.

2010Family4 minPlay
0The Health Factory

The Health Factory

Health care institutions mimic industry production to become more efficient. The goal is to get more health for the money spent, based on the presumption that private corporations are more efficient and less wasteful than public institutions.

2010Documentary58 minPlay
0Lapp Hat

Lapp Hat

When Guro Saniola Bjerk worked as a radio journalist, she said "lapp hat" on live radio. This led to her being labeled a racist.

2010Documentary52 minPlay


The film depicts a typical night out in Oslo, and shows the sometimes painful and often ridiculous results of being on the 'meat market'. The casual, breezy dialog contrasts the darker themes of friendship, betrayal and use/abuse of sexual power. Christine and Alex want excitement and confirmation of their desirability, Silje is looking for true love. Joakim? Well, he has perhaps read 'The Game' one too many times...

2010Drama17 minPlay
0It Usually Ends Well

It Usually Ends Well

The director becomes an obsessive cat owner, getting the whole village involved when the pet goes missing only days before it's due to have kittens.

2010Documentary51 minPlay
7Arild Kristos’s verden

Arild Kristos’s verden

"The World According to Arild Kristo" - A portrait of the Norwegian photographer, designer, screenwriter and filmmaker Arild Kristo (1939 - 2010). The son of a cabaret singer. Who made his first film only 11 years old. Worked as a piccolo at Hotel Bristol in Oslo . Took to the sea and was involved in the filming of "Windjammer" (1958). Freelance photographer in the US during the 60's. An outsider who lived a very different kind of life. In Paris or Berlin or Oslo.

2010Documentary50 minPlay
3.3Brødrene Dal og vikingsverdets forbannelse

Brødrene Dal og vikingsverdets forbannelse

2010Adventure92 minPlay
6.2Tears of Gaza

Tears of Gaza

In a rough style, by way of unique footage, the brutal consequences of modern wars are exposed. The film also depicts the ability of women and children to handle their everyday life after a dramatic war experience. Many of them live in tents or in ruins without walls or roofs. They are all in need of money, food, water and electricity. Others have lost family members, or are left with seriously injured children. Can war solve conflicts or create peace? The film follows three children ...

2010Documentary81 minPlay


It's vacation. 12-year-olds Maja, Rikke and Ohna have big ambitions to not lift a finger this summer, but then the police find drugs hidden in the restaurant. Saigon House is closed and Ohna's big brother gets arrested. The girls know that he is innocent but he won't get out of jail before the drug league is exposed. It's a case for the East End Angels...

2010Adventure77 minPlay
7.3The Day Before Disclosure

The Day Before Disclosure

Our modern civilization is likely to be confronted with the biggest paradigm shift in the perception of reality ever, and through our productions we wish to bring insight from the forefront of this development.

2010Documentary105 minPlay
5.3Kurt Josef Wagle og legenden om Fjordheksa

Kurt Josef Wagle og legenden om Fjordheksa

Is The Fjord Witch superstition, or is it true that Satan's bride lives across Melkelva in the forest by Grytefjord? Does Tordenskjold find himself or someone else entirely? Who would win in a magic battle between Jesus and Harry Potter? These and other questions are answered in Kurt Josef Wagle's lost video footage.

2010Comedy82 minPlay
5The Junior Olsen Gang and the Master Thief

The Junior Olsen Gang and the Master Thief

Follows the Junior Olsen Gang as they hunt down missing tax money stolen from a bank in 1835.

2010Adventure81 minPlay


PAX is a grand-scale drama. An intimate and powerful romantic film about seven people's encounter with themselves as life forces them into the raging storm. They all have someone waiting. PAX, the Latin word for peace, is also flight terminology for flight passengers. When flying in an airplane we are all "pax".

2010Drama85 minPlay
5Sebastian’s World

Sebastian’s World

Sebastian's world is full of raw violence and cynicism. He'll go to any length to fulfill his dream of a life in absolute luxury. But then he'll have commit a crime after another. Still Sebastian is nice to the ones he loves.

201094 minPlay
4.8Elias and the Treasure of the Sea

Elias and the Treasure of the Sea

The annual winter fisheries are about to start, but the great catch never seems to come. It turns out that large industrial trawlers have emptied the ocean of fish, and the ordinary little fishing boats will have a hard time surviving. Elias gathers all his friends in order to save the future of his tiny coastal community.

2010Animation74 minPlay