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0A Tropical Sunday

A Tropical Sunday

Maputo, Mozambique. Lisa, Babu, Gito, and Nuno live on the streets. At Sunday they spend the time at the Funfair, looking for a chance to jump on a ride.

2013Comedy15 minPlay
0Operação Angola: Fugir para lutar

Operação Angola: Fugir para lutar

In 1961 the liberation struggles start in Angola against the portuguese colonial power. The African students in Portugal fear for their safety and plan to flee outside the country. With the help of Theology students, French and North-American pastors, the operation code name "Angola" fled over 100 african students abroad towards freedom, amongst them several future leaders of african countries.

2015Documentary116 minPlay
0A Memory in Three Acts

A Memory in Three Acts

Mozambique gained independence from Portugal in 1975, following a bloody struggle that lasted more than a decade. In three acts (plus a poetic prologue and epilogue), some of those who lived through it tell their story about the struggle for independence. A former political prisoner returns to the building named Villa Algarve, where he was tortured—though dilapidated now, it is still maintained as a monument to what took place. We also get to hear the other side of the story, as told by the ...

2016Documentary64 minPlay
7.8The Train of Salt and Sugar

The Train of Salt and Sugar

In 1989, Mozambique is a country ruined by civil war. The train that connects Nampula to Malawi is the only hope for people willing to risk their lives to exchange a few bags of salt for sugar. Running slowly over sabotaged tracks, the journey is filled with obstacles and violence. Mariamu, a frequent traveler, shares her trip with her friend Rosa, a nurse who is going to her new hospital, living the reality of war for the first time, Lieutenant Taiar, who only knows the reality of his ...

2016Adventure93 minPlay