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4.8The Flowers of Kirkuk

The Flowers of Kirkuk

Cruel politics and intensive love. Najla (N) has just finished her medical studies in Rome. Sherko (S) conceals sick and injured partisans. Mokhtar (M) belongs to the dictator's police. S and M love N, N loves S. When she gets a letter from S that she must forget him, she returns to Kirkuk. As a doctor she can help S. Mokhtar follows her trail and S and N are arrested. S is tortured. N is beaten up and then offered the job as a police doctor, a reward for leading the police to S. She ...

2010Drama0 minPlay
0Salaam Dunk

Salaam Dunk

In the West, we are often bombarded with dramatic and horrifying images of a violent and war-torn Iraq. This makes it easy to forget that people there do "regular" things... like play basketball. Salaam Dunk follows the American University of Iraq women's basketball team as they discover what it means to be students, athletes and friends. This is a story of triumph in the face of chaos and a testament to the perseverance of a handful of young Iraqi women. It shows us how sports can help ...

2011Documentary78 minPlay
0Murk Light

Murk Light

Two friends who work as luggage rack attendants on a bus take a trip full of reality and mysticism.

2012Drama20 minPlay
5.9Rhino Season

Rhino Season

Kurdish-Iranian poet Sahel has just been released from a thirty-year prison sentence in Iran. Now the one thing keeping him going is the thought of finding his wife, who thinks he's been dead for over twenty years.

2012Drama88 minPlay
5.8Before Snowfall

Before Snowfall

Before Snowfall starts with a dramatic escape: Eighteen year-old Nermin runs away from her wedding in a village in Iraqi Kurdistan. Being the elder of the family, her younger brother Siyar becomes responsible for finding her and restoring the family reputation. The mission proves a dangerous one for the inexperienced Siyar. First stop is Istanbul, where he meets Elvin, a young girl who becomes his travel companion. On the way from east to west, through Europe and all the way to Norway, ...

2013Drama105 minPlay
6Home & Key

Home & Key

The story of this film is an aesthetic narration of the death of a Kurdish Family, along the 20th century.

2014Drama15 minPlay
5.7Memories on Stone

Memories on Stone

Kurdish childhood friends Hussein and Alan direct and produce a film about the genocide of Kurdish people in Iraq, the Anfal campaign in 1988. They learn that, to achieve veracity by the means of cinema and to face their own identity, it's worth putting everything on the line - even their own life.

2014Drama97 minPlay


A police officer finds himself haunted by a traumatic childhood memory as he searches for a missing man in the rugged mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, in this striking feature debut by Batin Ghobadi.

2014Drama110 minPlay


The last call for the flight to Stockholm is announced over the speakers. Shadi stands outside the gate and holds her mothers skirt as tight as she can. The mother caresses Shadis braided hair, and then tears her fingers apart from her daughter, and a man forces Shadi onto the plane. Shadi is eleven years old and all alone on her way to an unknown world. She ends up at an orphanage for unaccompanied children in Stockholm. But flashbacks from the war and nightmares make it hard for Shadi to ...

2014Drama14 minPlay
1Curse of Mesopotamia

Curse of Mesopotamia

Five strangers are brought together in a remote part of the Middle East by a doctor who claims she can solve their shared dreams of a ferocious demon.

2015Horror91 minPlay
1A Flag Without a Country

A Flag Without a Country

For Nariman the pilot and Helly Luv, an aspiring singer, being Kurdish is not just an identity; it’s a full-time job. Nariman needs young recruits for his flying school—a goal made darkly comic since he just survived a plane crash—while the illustrious Helly collects Kalashnikov rifles and a sea of Kurdish flags to produce her music video. In the midst of another war against the Kurdish people, Nariman reminisces about a long-lost love, and Helly finds herself connecting with Kurdish ...

2015Documentary97 minPlay
7.3Homeland: Iraq Year Zero

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero

Chronicles of everyday life in Iraq before and after the U.S. invasion.

2016Documentary334 minPlay
3.3El Clásico

El Clásico

Two Kurdish little people in Iraq risk their lives to fulfill their dreams and that is to meet football hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

2016Drama95 minPlay
0Shouted from the Rooftops

Shouted from the Rooftops

A romantic story set in the heart of a war-torn Kurdish town. When Sherin leaves to fight, her anguished lover Ferhat stays behind awaiting her return.

2017Drama7 minPlay
5.6Not a War Story

Not a War Story

Hollywood collides with a group of veterans who are tired of the typical PTSD and valor-portrayed movies and decide to make an original dark humor zombie apocalypse film all on their own.

2017Action90 minPlay
0The Hunt for Jihadi John

The Hunt for Jihadi John

The inside story of Mohammed Emwazi's journey from being an ordinary London boy to becoming terrorist 'Jihadi John', and the intelligence operatives' attempts to catch him.

2019Documentary90 minPlay


HONDROS follows the life and career of famous war photographer Chris Hondros by exploring the poignant and often surprising stories behind this award-winning photojournalist's best-known photos. Driven by a commitment to bear witness to the wars of our time after the events of 9/11, Chris was among the first in a new generation of war photographers since Vietnam. HONDROS explores the complexities inherent in covering more than a decade of conflict, while trying to maintain a normal life. It ...

2018Documentary86 minPlay