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2010Documentary65 minPlay
7Feathered Cocaine

Feathered Cocaine

FEATHERED COCAINE is not a wildlife documentary. It is a documentary about the international trade of falcons. After the trade of drugs, people and weapons, smuggling falcons is ranked No 4 in the list of the most profitable illegal trades. Most people are not aware that the effects of the falcon trade has exerted huge influence over thousands of years on politics, economy and society all around the world. FEATHERED COCAINE reveals in an investigative way the contexts between the trade of ...

2010Documentary80 minPlay
7The Secret Spell

The Secret Spell

Sveppi and Villi go on summer holiday to an old country hotel. Soon they realize a dark and beautiful secret concerning a ghost, a secret spell and a grumpy hotel manager.

201081 minPlay


The time is 20 years and a few months to the millennium, and the unrecognized, self-proclaimed genius Orm Odins has to deal with the age-old existentialist dilemma that is teenage hood. With his final exams looming, his hormones in overdrive and love just around the corner what can a great poet do to survive? Our setting is Reykjavik in the eighties, a city that is going through a growth spur not unlike our eloquent hero. The mullet is just about to put its mark on a unsuspecting ...

2010Drama90 minPlay
5.3King’s Road

King’s Road

After 3 years abroad Junior returns to Iceland with his set of problems hoping that his father can sort them out but his homecoming isn't quite what he had expected.

2010Comedy99 minPlay
1.5The Messanger

The Messanger

Páll thinks he is just like everyone else, that is until he begins to have vivid visions about life after death. At first he has a open mind about them, but discovers through them an evil plot. The visions show him a spree of killing of important people within society. A panic ensues, and Páll gets tangled in a plot with powerful people and a cult that could destroy society.

201097 minPlay


A few years ago when the developed world was booming the bankers and stockbrokers thought the gravy train would never end. Now we all know what came next. The same thing that always comes next - Banking collapse, false wars, and recession. No country epitomized this rise and fall better than Iceland. Amongst the chaos politics staggered on and an election of new leaders began. For the jaded people whose lives had been changed so drastically, something needed to be done. Against this ...

2010Documentary93 minPlay
5.3Mamma Gógó

Mamma Gógó

This film is about an elderly lady (Gogo) who is diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. It looks at her son and her family's reaction to her illness.

2010Comedy90 minPlay


An art-house comedy about an ordinary family running the unusual business of elf tourism and spiritual sessions. Their house is built around an elf stone, which is sacred to the wife Lara, who is blessed with a sixth sense. When they get an offer to sell the stone at a high price, her husband Óskar is really tempted.

2010Comedy85 minPlay
5.5Last Days of the Arctic

Last Days of the Arctic

The Icelandic photographer Ragnar Alexsson, a.k.a. RAX, is among the most celebrated in the world, who has made a career of capturing the human faces of climate change, and the vanishing lifestyles of the Far North.

2011Documentary90 minPlay


Oli runs a car wash with his brother Keli. A customer who is obviously a man of violence shows up with a vintage car. He leaves them with the car and a warning that they better take extra good care of this car.

2011Action8 minPlay
0Glæpur og samviska

Glæpur og samviska

A drama about some artists living together in an old board school out in the country in Iceland. Some are lucky some are not.

2011Crime131 minPlay
0Ravens, Buttercups and Myrrh

Ravens, Buttercups and Myrrh

After Lára, 13, loses both her father and brother in an accident, she discovers that her father used to be a member of a theatre group at a local theatre. In order to keep his memory alive, she joins the company. The company consists of eccentric and playful elders who introduce Lára to the magic of theatre and the importance of play. While Lára struggles to piece together the fractured life she now shares with her mother, she decides to help the company in their attempt to save the theatre ...

2011Family90 minPlay
5.6Either Way

Either Way

Two employees of the Icelandic Road Administration spend the summer painting lines on the winding roads as they both find themselves at a crossroads in their lives.

2011Comedy84 minPlay
5.3City State

City State

A police woman lost in violence, a mechanic revenging for his lost son, a crime kingpin with a heart condition, a corrupt officer in love with a prostitute will destroy each other.

2011Action100 minPlay


The tragicomic story of lone rebel Boddi Steingrimsson who lives in a small town in Northern Iceland. Boddi hates materialistic modern society in its entirety and on his blog-page he comically criticizes everything and everyone. Before long he has become an outlaw in his own hometown, just like his viking hero, Grettir. After a series of dramatic mishaps, he snaps and goes riding down south to the big city on his sturdy steed Nietzsche. He's got a gun in his pocket. He's ready for the revolution.

2011Comedy111 minPlay
5.3Legends of Valhalla: Thor

Legends of Valhalla: Thor

An over confident teen with a magical weapon and a handful of imperfect gods join forces against an evil queen and her army of giants

2011Adventure80 minPlay


All things considered, it was a bad day to punch a clown in the head.

2012Animation2 minPlay
0A Pure Heart

A Pure Heart

A priests work is never done. In Clean Heart we get to know Kristinn Ágúst Friðfinnsson a priest in the town of Selfoss. While fulfilling the various duties of priesthood he still has his own demons to deal with.

2012Documentary70 minPlay


MONA is a modern and thrilling drama with erotic and fantasy elements. In a rural area where a slaughterhouse is the only industry lives a mysterious nature child Mona. The dull routine of villagers is broken by a city businessman Thomas who comes there for his uncle’s funeral and to sell the inherited estate. Meeting Mona throws Thomas in a dangerous maelstrom of illusions, passion and obsession.

2012Drama93 minPlay
5Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

Mæja strawberry fruit basket, but cleaner, Red Apple keeps everything neat and tidy, green banana, but the left is right. IMMI pineapple but most offer themselves waiting to crown replaced with the message so he can crowned himself king. Eva orange but not over water reflection, and Suss in Poland and insect lamps have become even more pranksters than before. Goofy banana and green banana continue to march across Ávaxtakörfuna and not lose the rhythm. Gedda carrot is always happy, despite ...

2012Family86 minPlay


A story of love, madness, and 24-hour daylight. Solange's boyfriend Baldur mysteriously takes off for Iceland. She follows, but an even deeper mystery awaits her.

2012Drama17 minPlay
6Black’s Game

Black’s Game

In the mid to late '90s, the Reykjavik crime and drug scene saw a drastic change from a relatively small and innocent world into a much more aggressive and violent one.. The film tells the story of this change through the fictional gang of pushers that took control of Iceland's underworld.

2012Crime104 minPlay
6.3The Deep

The Deep

Based on an astonishing true incident that took place on the frigid seas off Iceland in 1984, The Deep fashions a modern-day everyman myth about the sole survivor of a shipwreck, whose superhuman will to survive made him both an inexplicable scientific phenomenon and a genuine national hero.

2012Drama95 minPlay