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0Finding Fidel: The Journey of Erik Durschmied

Finding Fidel: The Journey of Erik Durschmied

Finding Fidel tells the remarkable story of war cameraman Erik Durschmied, who in 1958 journeyed to Cuba's Sierra Maestra mountains to interview a little-known rebel leader named Fidel Castro. A month later, Castro's band of fighters rolled into Havana, and the world would never be the same. Finding Fidel follows Durschmied as he returns to Cuba on the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution, retracing his original route to the mountains after an ailing Fidel has handed power over to his ...

2010Documentary90 minPlay
6.5How to Pick Berries

How to Pick Berries

A finnish short film about immigrant people coming to Finland to pick berries.

2010Documentary19 minPlay
0Back to Human Nature

Back to Human Nature

"Taiwaskivi" Presents new cinematic work by four Swedish artists and a Finnish audiovisual group. Dynamic, consciousness-expanding and awareness-raising, these films range from minimalistic meditations, animated analyses, over ritualistic reverence and psychic soul searching, to primordial possession.

2010Documentary53 minPlay
0Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust

Risto, a zombie loses his burial plot and to reclaim it he must get a job in a factory. His former lover Sanna also works at the same place.

2010Drama15 minPlay
0Helsinki Twilight 1984

Helsinki Twilight 1984

Documentary about the great cultural transformation of Helsinki, Finland, in the early 1980's. The birth of new sub-cultures, art galleries and performances.

2010Documentary75 minPlay
0Georg & Lydia

Georg & Lydia

Georg (age 70) and Lydia (age 30) are in two completely different stages in life when they meet.

2010Drama60 minPlay
0Paavo, a Life in Five Courses

Paavo, a Life in Five Courses

Finnish farm boy Paavo Turtiainen is hired into the Parisian household of Swedish theatre producer Lars Schmidt and his wife, actress Ingrid Bergman. The couple “adopt” and train Paavo to navigate among the rich and famous. Later on, Paavo becomes the personal secretary for Schmidt and Bergman. His responsibilities include building up the personal archives of both Schmidt and Bergman. Ms. Bergman’s archives are now at the film archives of Wesleyan University and Schmidt’s archives are in ...

2010Documentary71 minPlay
5Happy Fatties

Happy Fatties

Little Esa is a talented floor ball player who is worshiped by his father. After a well-played game, Esa accidentally bumps into Elvis. The singer instantly becomes Esa's one and only idol.

2010Comedy20 minPlay
6.4The Painting Sellers

The Painting Sellers

It's almost Christmas but these three people are still on the road. The products don't sell, the car is a wreck and the weather is freezing. Moreover there is a problem: how to cope with an emerging friendship?

2010Drama58 minPlay
5.3Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief

Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief

Summer vacation has just begun. In honor of Peace Rapper and Lennart Lindberg decide to go on holiday. The duration of Ricky Rapper and Nelli Nuudelipäätä will handle the harsh aunt-Elvi. Luckily, Ricky gets a great comfort to the new bike, but as soon as mysteriously disappears. Risto and Nelli leave together in search of the wheel, and it begins with the thrilling adventure.

2010Comedy82 minPlay
6.4If You Love

If You Love

Musiikkielokuva joka kertoo ministerin tyttären ja maahanmuuttajien pojan rosoisen rakkaustarinan.

2010Comedy121 minPlay
5.7Priest of Evil

Priest of Evil

2010Thriller106 minPlay
6.5Backwood Philosopher

Backwood Philosopher

Self-taught philosopher Konsta Pylkkänen guides a group of researchers through Finland's Kainuu wilderness in the hopes of having a "sinistä ajatusta", idea out of the blue. While firing upon a hybrid of the hazel grouse and the western capercaillie, kinds of birds, he indeed makes a scientific discovery.

2010Comedy110 minPlay
7.3Under the North Star II

Under the North Star II

Akseli Koskela returns from prison and tries to learn living again. He's not allowed to take part in politics anymore, but he sees a lot of injustice around him. He raises a family with his wife Elina while another war is around the corner...

2010Drama138 minPlay
6.6Reindeerspotting: Escape From Santaland

Reindeerspotting: Escape From Santaland

Reindeerspotting is a documentary film of a group of young guys living in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, dabbling in petty crime and hard drugs. One of them, Jani, has lost five years of his life and two fingers to his debotators. He wants to leave Lapland and his old life behind. Robbing a supermarket is a start for his getaway. A few years back a documentarist, Joonas Neuvonen, was a young men living on social welfare, using drugs on daily basis. He started to film his friends and their life. ...

2010Documentary84 minPlay
7.3Steam of Life

Steam of Life

Finnish men in sauna, speaking straight from the heart.

2010Documentary80 minPlay
5.8Run Sister Run!

Run Sister Run!

Emilia is a teenager and a good girl, who never forgets her homework or her little sister, Elsa. Siiri is just one year older than Emilia but not at all like her. When Emilia and Siiri become friends, Emilia's life changes. Siiri encourages her to take a leap, shake the rules and leave princess dreams behind. These two will have fun together, but not only good times

2010Drama112 minPlay
4.6Moomins and the Comet Chase

Moomins and the Comet Chase

One day Moomintroll wakes to notice that grey dust is covering everything in the Moominvalley. He runs to ask the philosophical Muskrat if he knows what is happening, who advises him that things tend to look like this before an awful fate coming from the sky hits the Earth. With the help of his father, Moominpappa, Moomintroll and his close friends Sniff and Snufkin build a raft and head out on a challenging journey to the observatory in the Lonely Mountains hoping to find out more from the ...

2010Adventure75 minPlay


Fred Daly returns to Ireland with nowhere to live but his car. Then dope-smoking 21-year-old Cathal parks beside him, and brightens up his lonely world. Encouraged by Cathal, Fred meets attractive music teacher Jules. Growing closer, these three outsiders are set on a course that will change their lives forever.

2010Drama94 minPlay
6.5Lapland Odyssey

Lapland Odyssey

Lapland Odyssey is a comedy about Janne, a man from Lapland in northern Finland, a man who has made a career out of living on welfare. Inari, his girlfriend, is tired of Janne's incapability of getting a grip on life, Janne wasn't even able to buy a digital TV box that Inari had given money for. Inari gives an ultimatum: a digital box needs to arrive by dawn or she leaves. Janne sets out into the night with his two friends to find a box. On their way to the city of Rovaniemi, Janne and his ...

2010Comedy92 minPlay
6.3Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

It's the eve of Christmas in northern Finland and an archaeological dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn't the one you want coming to town. When all the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father Rauno, a reindeer hunter by trade, capture the mythological being and attempt to sell Santa to the misguided leader of the multinational corporation sponsoring the dig. Santa's elves, however, will stop at nothing to free their ...

2010Fantasy83 minPlay
0Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

What is there for a chest to do when a little mischievous guest messes up her drawers?

2011Animation7 minPlay
0En kväll på krogen

En kväll på krogen

A story about an evening in a restaurant. Six tables, seven stories, a tragicomedy about the fantasies and realities of love.

2011Drama78 minPlay
5Five Star Existence

Five Star Existence

Director Sonja Lindén's personal and sensitive quest to the core of the modern information society where technology and human beings get more and more entwined. This documentary explores our society on the verge of turning ubiquitous - a wireless society, where the laws of time, space and distance are revolutionizing the concept of liaison. Do the consequences of the technological revolution increase our freedom, or do they limit us? Is it possible to find a balance between one's natural ...

2011Documentary90 minPlay