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5Kutsar koputab kolm korda

Kutsar koputab kolm korda

The film tells the story of a single mother having trouble coping with everyday life. However, she finds in magic and fantasy a way to escape her reality until the enigmatic appearance of a man in her life. He will change her forever, to the point of making the decisions she has always feared. She will suddenly and conclusively have to answer her own question: what do I want? She will be given a chance to correct the mistakes in her life; will she cherish this opportunity or let it slip away?

2010Drama49 minPlay
5.5Sky Song

Sky Song

An ode for all of those who like to fly. Is it possible to reach the moon in one breath? Yes, it is if you have the will to fly and the appropriate training. This is the case with postman Rain. This is an animation full of experimenting with form and materials. Some of the characters are original, but some originate from the history of mankind. The film is full of symbols and symbolism, surreal images and scenes. This is not simply the journey of a postman to deliver the package to the ...

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Montego has killed his best friend.. several times already. But still he keeps reappearing on streetcorners and dark alleys. Boris, the scarred leader of the underground resistance gave the order just before becoming totally detached from himself. Brussels and the Red Cube, also an organisation called the Evil Script have a part to play in Montegos strange paranoid world.

2011Animation11 minPlay
0About the Hard Life of the Barn Swallow

About the Hard Life of the Barn Swallow

The life of a barn swallow is not easy. Everything gets mixed up while returning from Africa: bigger birds are pesky, ghastly shadows from previous centuries annoyingly stalky; the clay is all gone and the barn locked at night.

2011Animation5 minPlay
0Show Me the Sound

Show Me the Sound

Dagne, her husband and teenage daughter live in a peaceful Latvian countryside. While everyone is busy with their own thing, the family ties are loosening. Dagne is diagnosed with slowly progressing deafness. Acceptance of the new situation and the need to adapt to new ways of communication, including learning sign language, is not easy for neither of them. Dagne feels left alone and not supported during this hard time of her life her. Her daughter is very busy with her music band and ...

2011Drama31 minPlay
460 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero

60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero

An anthology of one-minute films created by 60 international filmmakers on the theme of the death of cinema. Intended as an ode to 35mm, the film was screened one time only on a purpose-built 20x12 meter public cinema screen in the Port of Tallinn, Estonia, on 22 December 2011. A special projector was contructed for the event which allowed the actual filmstrip to be burnt at the same time as the film was shown. When the presentation was finished, the screen itself was burned to the ground ...

2011Animation60 minPlay
5Farts of Fury

Farts of Fury

Kaiser, the lead singer of a former rock group won't put up with approaching old age and decides to call his old band members together. Kaiser's ambition is to return to the big stage with his buddies. Despite the initial resistance of other fellows, Kaiser will be successful, at least partly so. It is a fast-paced comedy full of humor and consolation, telling the story about people who despite all obstacles strive for their goal.

2011Comedy115 minPlay
5.2A Friend of Mine

A Friend of Mine

70-year-old Mati is a passionate bibliophile whose job is his hobby - he´s got a job at the library. The rest of his little time he shares with his sweet wife. Then one sudden day death comes to his spouse. A whole life of stability crashes. Neither his adolescent daughter nor his dear books are of any help. Loneliness and indifference overrun his life and Mati plots his suicide. A strange 60-year- old wayfarer, Sass, who travels with a backpack of books and frequents public libraries to ...

2011Drama102 minPlay
5The Graveyard Keeper’s Daughter

The Graveyard Keeper’s Daughter

A snapshot of one segment of Estonian present-day life, shown through the eyes of a child: 8 years old Lucia is leading a jolly and naughty Pippi-Longstocking-style life in a small town in Estonia. Her father Kaido, a graveyard keeper, can hardly provide for the family, her mother Maria is a drunk. Then the family receives an unexpected invitation to spend a week in Finland, in the house of the female pastor Sipra. This week will change everybody's life in unexpected ways...

2011Drama100 minPlay
5.9Lotte and the Moonstone Secret

Lotte and the Moonstone Secret

Plucky young Lotte embarks on an adventure with her uncle Klaus to solve the mystery of three stones that a pair of hooded figures are attempting to retrieve.

2011Animation73 minPlay
4.6The Idiot

The Idiot

A story of a naive man, whose direct behavior stirs in people moral unrest, rage and embarrassment over their own pettiness, making them yearn for goodness. Based on the book by F. Dostojevski.

2011Drama123 minPlay
4.9Letters to Angel

Letters to Angel

Film about a man who was sent to fight in Afghanistan years ago, where he converted to Islam. He now returns home only to find himself facing another kind of war.The front line in the decrepit Estonian town runs between Eastern and Western culture, men and women, common sense and madness. Somewhere amidst these battles is his daughter, who Kirotaja has decided to find after all the years of absence. His only leads are the sound of his daughter crying, heard once on the telephone, and a ...

2011Drama118 minPlay
0Another Dimension

Another Dimension

UFOs and spirits can be seen in Salme municipality on the island Saaremaa. There are viking skeletons and the Sõnajalg family wind turbines coming out of the depths of the earth and a helicopter flying to a village shop scares away cow herds. There are two realities here that do not fit together.

2012Documentary26 minPlay


Satama” is an observative short documentary film about the demolishion of a squat called ”Satama Social Center”, which has been a safe haven, a shelter, for youngsters fighting against commerciality, individualism and capitalism in Helsinki, Finland. The film depicts the activist community's and its particpants' arranged events during the final months of the squat, before the inevitable triumph of the capitalistic values prevail.

2012Documentary23 minPlay
7.5Lisa, Go Home!

Lisa, Go Home!

A crew of film-makers made the effort to record what reflects the generation gap between the little girl Lisa and the world of adults in her family

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A demeaning game-show appearance, an ill-advised mushroom-picking outing that goes horribly off the rails, inquiries from a cynical reporter — things just keep getting worse for the middle-aged politician at the centre of Estonian director Toomas Hussar's satire about a shallow, fame-obsessed post-Cold War culture. (TIFF)

2012Adventure93 minPlay
0All Musicians Are Bastards

All Musicians Are Bastards

In her fondest dreams, this film’s main character Leila (Riina Maidre) is a resplendent singer. In reality, however, all her energy and talent is spent on relationships that eat away at her soul, mind-altering substances, and glamorous showing-off. Heleri defies the rules. By playing with the possibilities of the art of film, she takes the viewer to an uneasy universe where the boundary between reality and illusion is incredibly thin. This is a world that is familiar to everyone who at ...

2012Drama90 minPlay
0Viimane Romeo

Viimane Romeo

Romantic country boy Lembo lives in a far away village, where men are drunkards and women are dreaming about the bright city life. Lembo has fallen in love with the village beauty Liisu and decides to propose her. The story takes an unexpected turn when Liisu's father and the vodka loving dog steps in. During one night lives and dreams will change and nothing will be like it used to be before.

2013Comedy35 minPlay
0Ghost Hour

Ghost Hour

As every evening, the Ghost goes to work – to haunt and frighten. Even in his worst nightmares the Ghost hadn’t imagined he’ll meet such a ‘terrifying’ girl who is not afraid of him. But it happened...

2013Animation7 minPlay


Ada the Crow dreams of getting married. At the same time, Otto the Architect is out for a walk in the city looking for a site to build a new skyscraper. Ada notices Otto and feels shivers running down her back…

2013Animation21 minPlay
6Kid Detectives and the Secret of the White Lady

Kid Detectives and the Secret of the White Lady

In a quiet resort town Haapsalu four kids are spending their summer holidays together. Suddenly they are dragged into events that started in the 15th century in the local bishop's stronghold. The children must solve a difficult mystery of a clock robbery and they have to find a treasure that has been lost for centuries and contains a formula of making gold.

2013Crime85 minPlay
7.3Living Images

Living Images

The main character, Helmi, is born into the house of Baron von Strandmann in Old-Town Tallinn, in 1908. The only thing that she knows for sure about her past is that her mother was an Estonian servant girl. Everything else is a discovery during a life that runs the course of a century - a life that has quite a lot of surprises in store for Helmi. In this house she finds happiness and suffering, passion and disappointment. She grows up alongside young Erik and waits for her big love to ...

2013Comedy135 minPlay