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0Tito Unmasked

Tito Unmasked

Little known facts about Yugoslavian president-for-life.

2010Documentary60 minPlay
8March 9th

March 9th

One shot. Two bodies. And an interrupted sex. Film in which faces and voices are outside the shot, and protagonist is Her and His naked flesh, on that March 9th, in a casual relationship and a casual deceit. Nervous croquis of body language.

2010Drama10 minPlay
0The Curse of Potato

The Curse of Potato

On an anonymous call, three pathological liars meet in the house of an unknown owner. They spend a night in and in the morning find a dead man in the bathroom. At the police station each of them gives his own version of the story.

2010Comedy101 minPlay
0No Sleep Won’t Kill You

No Sleep Won’t Kill You

What happens when dreams take control of reality?

2010Animation9 minPlay
0Rock’n’roll Is to Blame for All?

Rock’n’roll Is to Blame for All?

The story of rock band FIT is a real-life story about four young schoolmates who start up a band without even knowing who would play which instrument.

2010Documentary54 minPlay
5.7Forest Creatures

Forest Creatures

The new Dutch owner of a Croatian marketing agency is organizing an action-style team building for his employees over weekend. After rafting which ends up with an incident, the employees divide in two paintball groups. While making their way through the forest full of surprises – a local family who is plotting against their lives, suspicious instructors, a random pair of hikers and bizarre accidents. As the day comes to its end, it is clear that, after this game, nothing will ever be the same.

2010Comedy120 minPlay
5.5Just Between Us

Just Between Us

Nikola is a man who knows how to really enjoy life; he's even able to rouse sympathy for his sinful ways. His brother turns a blind eye to his philandering although, with a broken marriage behind him, he doesn't have a clear conscience, either. Is there anything positive to be said about infidelity, or does it simply deserve the utmost contempt, particularly when it's more premeditated than spontaneous?

2010Comedy87 minPlay
6.3Seventy-Two Days

Seventy-Two Days

A family from isolated village in Lika makes a good living out of American pension earned by their late granddad Djuradj and received by his widow Nedja. The very existence of a family is threatened when Nedja dies, but the head of the family comes up with a cunning plan.

2010Comedy93 minPlay
5Two Sunny Days

Two Sunny Days

Peter and Martina are a tourist couple on a vacation on the Croatian coast. Both are successful and in their prime. However, the couple is going through a crisis. Both are frustrated and unsatisfied with their lives. They hope this vacation will help save their relationship. They both hope that this, long expected vacation will improve their relationship. They go on a mountain trip, and they get lost. Far from their usual comfort, confronted with the raw nature, they are left with no other ...

2010Drama78 minPlay


The sea, a man, a fish... a couple of wonders and human weaknesses.

2011Animation3 minPlay
0Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

Two friends, Cigo and Max, are traveling to the seaside in an old car that Max inherited from his late grandpa. What begins as a trip to the seaside takes some weird and unforeseen turns.

2011Adventure61 minPlay
0Get a Move On

Get a Move On

This film tells the story about futility of life of main character, Miro – yuppie whose life consists of repeating everyday routine. His sense tells him he is unhappy so he swamps into imagination and decides to change his life.

2011Comedy21 minPlay
7Generation of 71

Generation of 71

In the start of the breakup of Yugoslavia, in spring 1991, there is a group of young conscripted soldiers in a remote military outpost. Their army and country are falling apart and the war is starting nearby. Friends are facing a decision of their lives: should they stay or run?

2011Drama88 minPlay
0Marija’s Own

Marija’s Own

A documentary musical comedy with elements of kitchen-sink realist drama, featuring Marija's three granddaughters: Nina, Zeljka and Danira.

2011Comedy62 minPlay
2Croatian Kings

Croatian Kings

Documentary series about native Croatian medieval kings, their kingdom and people who lived then. Story of rise of the kings, their peak and fall.

2011Documentary291 minPlay
0Don Juan: Excuse me, Miss!

Don Juan: Excuse me, Miss!

The film follows a rather peculiar workshop held in Zagreb for foreigners with deep pockets. The aim of the workshop is to teach participants a very basic skill – how to seduce a woman in order to get her to bed.

2011Documentary42 minPlay
0The War Reporter

The War Reporter

Autobiographic story about author Silvestar Kolbas, his childhood, family and war in Croatia in 1991. which deeply touched and changed his life.

2011Documentary60 minPlay


Lana (17) is a girl from an average Zagreb family. She‘s getting ready to spend the night with her boyfriend Igor (25). On their way to the concert they decide to make love in a taxi owned by Igor‘s friend. This should‘ve been Lana‘s first time. Things went wrong when their intimate encounter got interrupted by the noises from another taxi. There was a robbery and attempted murder going on. Lana wanted to stop their love game, but Igor has forced her to continue. Lana ran away from him and ...

2011Drama95 minPlay
7.3Step by Step

Step by Step

At the beginning of the war in Croatia, Vjera refuses to leave the ruins of her home on the front line . Her husband flees town while their son goes to battlefield. Working as an interpreter she starts her path of self-discovery.

2011Drama115 minPlay


It is a movie about survive in war time (WW1 East front). In dark colors, with interesting characters, mixture of ash and sand, puzzle of stories, cynic, precise, harsh, bitter, Rubick cube of times and events.

2011Action90 minPlay
4.2Koko and the Ghosts

Koko and the Ghosts

Young Koko has just moved with his parents from his idyllic countryside home to a big city. There, with the help of his new friends and a neighbour he investigates the mysterious case of a dead old man who used to live in the flat he has just moved into. Koko and the Ghosts is a family film based on a popular Croatian series of young-adult novels written by Ivan Kušan.

2011Adventure95 minPlay
6.8The Parade

The Parade

The Parade, in a tragicomic way, tells the story about ongoing battle between two worlds in contemporary post-war Serbian society - the traditional, oppressive, homophobic majority and a liberal, modern and open-minded minority... The film, which deals with gay rights issues in Serbia, features footage of the 2010 Belgrade gay pride parade. The film introduces a group of gay activists, trying to organize a pride parade in Belgrade.

2011Comedy115 minPlay


A girl visits her ex-boyfriend in search of their lost intimacy.

2012Drama10 minPlay
0Hills Village 21000 Split

Hills Village 21000 Split

Hills Village 21000 Split is a documentary which in a Fellini style represents the inhabitants of an unusual neighbourhood. We encounter a dentist and writer, a tired ex-boxer who had a carrier in Germany, a hardcore punk band Pas Maters, whose charismatic front man and lead singer mysteriously disappeared, an old soccer supporter with the last name Hajduk, an ex-hooligan diligently studying in a night school and many others. A complex portrait of an unusual Split neighbourhood and its even ...

2012Action61 minPlay