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7.1Amar a Morir

Amar a Morir

2009Drama0 minPlay
0Cuerpos Frágiles

Cuerpos Frágiles

2010Documentary0 minPlay
0Jende ri Palenge

Jende ri Palenge

We are in Palenque only by accident, we should all be in the black continent, in Angola.

2010Documentary38 minPlay
5.2La sociedad del semáforo

La sociedad del semáforo

By applying all his knowledge in electricity and electronics, Raúl Tréllez, a bum who lives in the downtown streets of Bogotá, struggles to control the time of a red light so that jugglers, cripples and other homeless people can achieve longer shows in the red light corner.

2010Drama110 minPlay
8Pablo’s Hippos

Pablo’s Hippos

Recounting the absurd and paradoxical history of Colombia's thirty-year struggle with international drug trafficking, at once a farce and a tragedy, as seen through the eyes of the extravagant pet of the most powerful drug baron in history: a hippopotamus named Pablo.

2010Documentary90 minPlay
0The Mysterious Presages of León Prozak

The Mysterious Presages of León Prozak

León Prozak lends his head to Mephistopheles for some circus numbers. Theses scenes, animations made by different plastic artist, are the centre of the film, the pleasure of paint on time. The animated paintings cover a wide range of topics, from politics to erotisicm, expressing their vision of the world.

2010Animation65 minPlay
7.2The Two Escobars

The Two Escobars

Pablo Escobar was the richest, most powerful drug kingpin in the world, ruling the Medellin Cartel with an iron fist. Andres Escobar was the biggest soccer star in Colombia. The two were not related, but their fates were inextricably-and fatally-intertwined. Pablo's drug money had turned Andres' national team into South American champions, favored to win the 1994 World Cup in Los Angeles. It was there, in a game against the U.S., that Andres committed one of the most shocking mistakes in ...

2010Crime100 minPlay
7.1Portraits in a Sea of Lies

Portraits in a Sea of Lies

A young woman experiences the worst life has to over in this depressing but worthwhile Colombian drama tinged with a hint of magical realism. Paola Baldion plays Marina, a withdrawn teenager whose abusive grand-dad houses her in a dilapidated shed. When the old fart pops his clogs, Marina passes into the care of cousin Jairo (Julian Roman), a cheesecake photographer who "hires" her to help him with his gear, and the two end up taking an episodic road trip as they travel to reclaim grandpa's ...

2010Drama90 minPlay
7.3Sin tetas no hay paraíso

Sin tetas no hay paraíso

Catalina is a young, beautiful girl living in extreme poverty with her brother Byron and her mother Hilda. She becomes obsessed with getting breast implants to get social status and money. She leaves her boyfriend Albeira and becomes a prostitute for drug dealers. In this way she will enjoy all the luxuries that she lacks. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Albeira and her mother Hilda begin a relationship behind her back.

2010Crime108 minPlay
0Journey to a Land Otherwise Known

Journey to a Land Otherwise Known

In a film, meeting a strange tribe often starts with the plunging view from a building necessary to the journey. The architecture of Jean-Pierre Secq dubbed the noise of the waves washes over us in this way. However, to open it, the construction was massive and still, unfolding the three concrete wings of this equatorial greenhouse in Lille. This essay on the conquest of America assumes its own contradiction, underlined by a montage of texts by colonisers: Bernal Diaz del Castillo, Hans ...

201122 minPlay
8En coma

En coma

2011Drama0 minPlay
0Beatriz González, why are you crying?

Beatriz González, why are you crying?

What happened to painter Beatriz González, who made us laugh with the irony of her works, to get to the point of making a self-portrait that shows her crying naked? The path of the artist is intimately linked with the history of Colombia during the past fifty years.

2011Documentary77 minPlay
6.5Little Voices

Little Voices

This animated documentary about the vision of the Colombia war by displaced children using their original drawings and their testimonies.

2011Animation75 minPlay
6.6All Your Dead Ones

All Your Dead Ones

Salvador is a peasant who one day wakes up as usual to work on his land but instead finds a pile of corpses in the middle of his crops. He runs to notify the authorities but is Sunday and Election Day so the dead ones end up being a nuisance that nobody wants to deal with.

2011Comedy88 minPlay
2.7Ladies Mafia

Ladies Mafia

2011Action0 minPlay
8La Toma

La Toma

2011Documentary0 minPlay
4.2Wake up and Die

Wake up and Die

A woman wakes up next to a mysterious man she's never seen before. Wondering what happened, she is seduced by the man and brutally killed later on in a moment of passion. As she awakes over and over again and to the same fate, she must dig into her fading memories to learn about the killer's true identity in order to save her own life.

2011Horror88 minPlay
7.9Silence in Paradise

Silence in Paradise

The unscrupulousness of members of the Colombian army destroys the love between twenty-year-old Roland and Lady in El Paraíso, an impoverished neighborhood of Bogotá.

2011Drama93 minPlay
5.3Greetings to the Devil

Greetings to the Devil

A former guerrilla is reluctantly drawn into the vengeance scheme of one of his victims.

2011Action90 minPlay
7.7The Colors of the Mountain

The Colors of the Mountain

A motley crew of young boys in Colombia lives only for one passion: soccer. But when their precious new ball rolls into a minefield, their dreams are suddenly on hold. Even as the village becomes the center of a tug-of-war between right-wing paramilitary groups and leftist guerrillas, the idea of a rescue attempt is too tempting to resist.

2011Drama90 minPlay
6.8Sex, Lies and Death

Sex, Lies and Death

Viviana and Alicia have never met, but they're about to get intimately acquainted. One day, while tipping drinks back in a bar, the two women strike up a conversation that quickly turns personal, Viviana is locked in an abusive marriage, and Alicia's female lover, Lorena, has recently fallen for another woman. As the two women strangers find common ground in their lives, they enter into a secret pact to kill the people who have made their lives a living hell. Seductive, bloody and shocking ...

2011Crime86 minPlay
5.9The Squad

The Squad

The air is thick with tension as a military squad proceeds to the foot of a mountain base, where they're ordered to wait for backup and hold their position. The mountain is shrouded in fog and the men are exhausted. They've been fighting guerrillas on enemy turf for some time, and they're worn down by the stress and anxiety of battle. The men don't want to wait; they want to charge up the hill, fearing that their comrades in the base have been overrun by the guerrillas. The squad's leader ...

2011Horror100 minPlay


A journey upstream the Amazon river where Modernist constructions have been abandoned like the memories of an engulfed civilisation of the future. A science-fiction documentary evoking the colonization of nature, former utopias in the Latin America forests and their cohabitation with the present.

201219 minPlay


As a child, Jairo William Gutiérrez traded a few onions for a ticket to the circus and from then on he only wanted to be an actor and playwright. Today Jairo is 50 years old and farms the land, milks his cow and writes theater. His passion for the stage is so great that he set up a theater company, which is made up of his wife, two daughters and a few neighbors.

2012Documentary80 minPlay